We are pretty laid-back, and hope that your camping experience with us will be exactly the same. You won’t find signs here giving you all kinds of orders and instructions. All we ask is that everyone here respects everyone else, and the place itself.


This is a quiet campsite - definitely no electronic music. And while you can sit round a campfire all night if you wish - we ask that after 11pm you make sure that you are not disturbing your neighbours who may be asleep. Most of our guests have busy days in the hills and so need a good nights sleep!


We welcome dogs if they are well-behaved. Dogs that bark all the time are not welcome, and owners who let their dogs wander around are not welcome. We ask that dogs are kept on leads/leashes while on the site, and on no account to leave any mess behind. We want children to be able to roll in any grass they wish without fear of finding something a dog left there!!


You are most welcome to have a campfire - and most pitches have a fireplace already set up. If you bring your own fire then we need to make sure it won’t burn the grass (last season we had a major drought and had to ban fires for a while - but that is rare in this part of the world). You can bring your own wood, or you can buy wood on-site.


We are pretty relaxed. Arrival any time before 11pm. Please call the site office on arrival (number on the gate) and we’ll show you to your pitch. If your pitch is booked the next day then departure by midday. If not then stay a bit longer!


We are always very busy so you need to book a pitch. Inevitably the campsite is not quite as peaceful as usual. We charge a minimum of a three-night stay for bank-holiday weekends.