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Here you can see information about species that occur on, or over, our land and water, and information about nearby wildlife. Over time we intend to create comprehensive species lists of pretty much everything – mammals, birds, insects, plants, fish, fungi…

Go to the species lists to see if a species is included – then you can click on the species to see links to any relevant articles in the archive, or links to photographs in the gallery, or notes on the species (such as – regular visitor to our place, resident here, or seen in the wider area).

The article archive is simply arranged by order of date.

The species list is a work in progress – while we have reasonably good bird and tree knowledge, and can identify an otter without breaking sweat, knowledge of other areas is slightly more patchy. Without doubt some experienced knowledge would help.

So if anyone fancies a few hours (or days!) identifying plants, or insects, or looking at lichens – whatever – you would be warmly welcomed!!

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